Monthly Subscription Rate

With this pricing option you pay monthly for one user to have unlimited access to all the reports on Report Writer. If you are a Rapid Insured client you are eligible for the discounted monthly cost plus many other benefits.

Feature Rapid Insured* User Standard User
Monthly Subscription Rate (First Month is Free) $49.00 + GST $59.00 + GST
No Installation or development fee RW Tick
RW Tick
Access to over ten Rapid Reports (more....)
RW Tick RW Tick
IT Support RW Tick RW Tick
Reports Automatically updated at no cost RW Tick RW Tick
Unlimited Industry Technical Support  (more....) RW Tick #TITLE_635277214265135859#
Ability to offer TimberSecure Termite Insurance  (more...) RW Tick #TITLE_635277214265135859#
Listing on Property Inspections  (more...) RW Tick #TITLE_635277214265135859#
Receive Rapid Update Newsletter RW Tick #TITLE_635277214265135859#

* Rapid Insured users need to hold current Professional Indemnity or Public Liability insurance with Rapid Solutions/Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd to have the discounted monthly subscription.

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  1. Want to Pay per Report?

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    This pricing option allows you to purchase reports individually using a credit system.  It is suited to users that won't complete a lot of reports through Report Writer per month. 

    One credit is $0.50* each, with reports costing from $1.50* to $3.00* or from 3 to 6 credits each. (* plus GST)

    Report Cost Per Report (+ GST)
    General Pest Management Treatment Proposal & Advice Notice $2.00 - 4 credits

    Risk Management Records & Advice Notice $2.00 - 4 credits
    Timber & Termite Certificate of Installation - New Construction AS3660.1 $2.50 - 5 credits
    Certificate of Termite Treatment - Existing Buildings AS3660.2 $2.50 - 5 credits
    Termite Treatment &/or Management Proposal $2.00 - 4 credits
    Termite Monitoring & Baiting Site Proposal $1.50 - 3 credits
    Visual Termite Inspection Report AS3660 $3.00 - 6 credits
    Timber Pest Inspection Agreement Free - 0 credits
    Timber Pest Inspection Report AS4349.3 $3.00 - 6 credits
    Site Consultation Report $1.50 - 3 credits
    Building Inspection Building Inspection Agreement Free - 0 credits
    Building Inspection Report AS4349.1 $3.00 - 6 credits

    Note: There is a minimum credit purchase of 100 credits ($50 + GST).