Smarter, faster inspection reports

Designed for your business, the Report Writer app's intelligent features enable you to complete inspection reports onsite quickly and efficiently.

Reduce the time it takes and remove the hassle out of completing your reports.

Save valuable time with Report Writer

Intelligent Reporting

Report Writer is designed to assist your business with a range of smart features that save you time and effort.

  • Inbuilt Logic

    Intelligent system reacts to data entered and encourages compliance.

  • Autocomplete

    No need to enter the same answer repeatedly.

  • Email

    Advanced email customisation, forwarding and tracking. Deliver reports to your clients instantly.

  • Contacts

    Pre-populated reports with customer details.

  • Online/Offline

    Work locally on your device then save or submit your report when an internet connection is available.

Enhanced Reporting

Take your reports to the next level. Report Writer makes professional presentation for your business simple. Include site diagrams, photographic evidence and your own business branding to provide your clients with modern reports.

  • Your Branding

    All your reports are branded with your company details and logo.

  • Signatures

    Easily capture your signature and add it to your reports.

  • Photographic Evidence

    Strengthen reports by easily adding photographs.

  • Site Diagrams

    Enhance your reports with easy to use diagram function.

  • Preview Before Sending

    Make sure you are happy with the report before sending it to the client

Show exactly what you saw on the day

All Rapid Solutions Reports

Report Writer includes all of the Rapid Solutions reports.

General Pest

  • Pest Management Treatment Proposal & Advice Notice
  • Risk Management Records & Advice Notice

Timber & Termite

  • Certificate of Installation - New Construction AS3660.1
  • Certificate of Termite Treatment - Existing Buildings AS3660.2
  • Termite Treatment &/or Management Proposal
  • Termite Monitoring & Baiting Site Proposal
  • Visual Termite Inspection Report AS3660
  • Timber Pest Inspection Agreement
  • Timber Pest Inspection Report AS4349.3
  • Site Consultation Report

Building Inspections

  • Building Inspection Agreement
  • Building Inspection Report AS4349.1


Always Compliant

We update the reports so you don’t have to. Our reports will always comply with current Australian standards.

Grow your business with Report Writer


Report Writer supports your business with expert technical service and industry advice.


  • IT Support

    Quality customer support at no extra cost.

  • Industry expertise

    Rapid insured clients also benefit from technical support from industry experts.

  • Free set up

    Reports customised with your branding for free.


Our flexible pricing options allow you to use Report Writer in a way that suits your business.

You can pay monthly per user or only pay for the forms you use, we’ve made it simple to use Report Writer through every stage of your growing business.

We know you'll find Report Writer to be an invaluable part of your business. Don't believe us? Try it yourself for free. You'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Subscription Pricing

With this pricing option you pay monthly for one user to have unlimited access to all the reports on ReportWriter.

If you are a Rapid Insured client you are eligible for the discounted monthly cost plus many other benefits.


*Rapid Solutions insured users need to hold current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability inurance with Rapid Solutions/Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd to secure the discounted monthly subscription.

Note: All prices exclude GST.

Rapid Solutions Insured* User Standard User
No installation or setup fees
Access to all Rapid Solutions reports
IT support
Reports automatically updated at no cost
Industry technical support (pest and building)
Ability to offer TimberSecure termite insurance
Listing on Property Inspections website
Rapid Update newsletters and other industry news
$49 $59
Pest Management Treatment Proposal & Advice Notice $2.00 - 4 credits
Risk Management Records & Advice Notice $2.50 - 5 credits
Certificate of Installation - New Construction AS3660.1 $2.50 - 5 credits
Certificate of Termite Treatment - Existing Buildings AS3660.2 $2.50 - 5 credits
Termite Treatment &/or Management Proposal $2.00 - 4 credits
Termite Monitoring & Baiting Site Proposal $1.50 - 3 credits
Visual Termite Inspection Report AS3660 $3.00 - 6 credits
Timber Pest Inspection Agreement FREE - 0 credits
Timber Pest Inspection Report AS4349.3 $3.00 - 6 credits
Site Consultation Report $1.50 - 3 credits
Building Inspection Agreement FREE - 0 credits
Building Inspection Report AS4349.1 $3.00 - 6 credits


With this option you can purchase reports individually. Our simple to use credit system allows you to purchase the reports you need, whenever you need them.

This option is designed for users that don’t need the complete suite of Rapid reports or who won't complete a lot of reports during the month.

One credit is $0.50 each. Reports cost between $1.50 and $3.00 (3 to 6 credits) each.

Note: There is a minimum credit purchase of 100 credits ($50).

All prices exclude GST.

"WOW... the new Report Writer app is amazing. Functionality is excellent, compliance is accurate and most importantly the time it saves me is priceless. It's been well worth the wait. Great job."

Elias Oostveen

Managing Director, Home Integrity

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions should help most questions about Report Writer. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

What reports are on Report Writer?

Report Writer has General Pest, Termite & Timber Pest reports to AS4349.3 and AS3660 and Building Inspections reports.  The following reports are on Report Writer:

General Pest

  • Pest Management Treatment Proposal & Advice Notice
  • Risk Management Record & Advice Notice


Timber & Termite

  • Certificate of Installation - New Construction AS3660.1
  • Termite Treatment &/or Management Proposal
  • Certificate of Termite Treatment - Existing Buildings AS3660.2
  • Termite Monitoring & Baiting Site Records
  • Timber Pest Inspection Report AS4349.3
  • Visual Termite Inspection Report AS3660


Building Inspection

  • Building Inspection Report  AS4349.1
  • Building Inspection Agreement

How do I get access to log in to Report Writer?

Report Writer is available to both clients and non-clients of Rapid Solutions. A discounted monthly subscription is available to clients that hold current Professional Indemnity or Public Liability insurance with Rapid Solutions/Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited. 

To gain access, please contact the Client Services Team on 1300 309 169 or complete our 'Get access to Report Writer' form.

Is a pre-inspection agreement required when using Report Writer?

Yes, AS4349.3 (Timber Pest Inspections) and AS4349.1 (Building Inspections) requires a pre-inspection agreement be completed. 

However if the booking was made through Property Inspections, then this requirement has already been completed through the booking process.

Does Report Writer replace the existing Rapid Solutions paperwork?

No, you may continue to use our paperwork which is available either for download or purchase (pre-printed pad forms) from our website. This paperwork continues to be for Rapid Solutions' insured clients only.

However, Report Writer is designed to streamline the inspection and reporting process, and save time by allowing you to complete the report onsite, and email directly to your customer.

How much does it cost to use Report Writer?

There are two pricing options available for Report Writer.  There is a monthly user subscription or pay per report credit system. There is no development or installation fees.

Pricing details are available here.

Will my company name and logo be on my reports?

Your company name and logo will be displayed on Report Writer reports. These details will be put into Report Writer during the setup of your Report Writer account.

Do I need to be connected to the internet at ALL times whilst using Report Writer?

When you don't have an internet connection Report Writer works in an offline mode so you can start or continue with your report without a worry. However, you need to have an internet connection to preview or submit the report.

Can I change a completed/submitted report?

Yes. To make changes to a completed/submitted report, just load the report from the list of sent reports, make the required changes, save and resubmit the report.

What are the minimum system requirements for using Report Writer?

Report Writer is now available to use on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

It currently works on all variants of iPad using iOS8+ and Android 4.4. Please note that the iPad 1 is not supported.

Report Writer can be used on Surface Pro by accessing the website version.

Can I modify the content of a report?

You can only modify the "property specific details", such as description of property, site improvements, details regarding termite activity etc. The remainder of the report is a template which cannot be modified.

The content of each report will vary, depending on the answers given throughout the report. For example, if termites are located, additional questions will appear such as location of termites, species etc.  

Does "Report Writer" save a copy of the completed report?

Yes, the system keeps a record of the report and data, HOWEVER in all instances we recommend that you save a copy of the completed report to your own local computer / server.

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